Visiting Artist Lecture Series

A series of lectures for all CSUB students, featuring some of today's most important artists and thinkers. Each year, a diverse group of 8-10 nationally and internationally recognized artists are invited to CSUB to present their work and ideas to a large audience of students, faculty, and community members. The Visiting Artists Lecture Series provides our students with valuable insights and exposure to art professionals and their work.

VALS is made possible through the generous endowment from The Zaninovich Fund, along with the Todd Madigan Gallery, and the Department of Art & Art History at California State University Bakersfield.

All lectures are held in Visual Arts Building, Room 103 at 5:00PM. They are free and open to the public.


FALL 2018

Patricia Fernández - September 11
Vincent Ramos - October 2
Sarah Rara - October 23
Eamon Ore-Giron - November 27


Karen Thuesen Massaro - February 13
Gala Porras-Kim - March 13
Fiona Connor - April 10
Miki Garcia - May 1

FALL 2017

Frente 3 de Fevereiro - Sept. 12
Matt Johnson - Oct. 3
Analia Saban - Oct. 24
Cognate Collective - Nov. 14
Keith Boadwee - Dec. 5


Bill Jenkins - Feb 6 
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung - Feb 21
Colectivo Etcétera… - March 14
Liliana Angulo Cortés - April 4
Diana Nawi - April 18

FALL 2016 

David Korty - Oct 4
Mariah Garnett - Nov 1
Rafa Esparza - Nov 15
Joseph Mosconi/Poetic Research Bureau hosts:
     Julian Hoeber - August 31 in Todd Madigan Gallery
     Brian Kim Stefans - September 14 in Todd Madigan Gallery
     Harmony Holiday - September 21 in Todd Madigan Gallery
     Kate Durbin - September 26 in Todd Madigan Gallery
     Ben Fama - October 23 in Todd Madigan Gallery


Gabriela Jauregui
Brenden Fowler
Monique van Genderen
Lauren Mackler


Jessi Reaves 
Marie Lorenz 
Martine Syms 
Dave Muller 

FALL 2015

Pearl C. Hsiung
Asha Schechter
Mario Ybarra Jr.


Miljohn Ruperto
George Stoll
Shizu Saldamando
Rita Gonzalez


Anna Sew Hoy
David Ratcliff
Kade L. Twist

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