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Alumni Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Nomination Form - Class of 2020

Thank you for nominating a CSUB alumnus/alumna for induction into the CSUB Alumni Hall of Fame. Your participation is crucial to the continuation of this program, which seeks to recognize and celebrate the most talented, accomplished and civic-minded of this university's graduates.

If your past nominee was not selected, feel free to submit his or her nomination again. This might be his or her year. If your nominee isn't selected this year, we hope you re-submit the name or additional names in the future; each year we have many worthy candidates.

Here are tips for completing a successful application:

  • Think of this as a lifetime achievement award. We're looking for nominees at the pinnacle of their career or whose public service has touched large swaths of their community.
  • We're not just looking for lists of honors and accomplishments by the nominee, we're also looking for narratives that paint a picture of what he/she accomplished, how he/she accomplished it and what industry/community impacts he/she has made.
  • If you have access to it, please include the nominee's resume showing his or her education, career accomplishments, awards and recognitions. In addition, please include a link to his/her LinkedIn profile if it exists.
  • For the committee to fully understand the strength of the candidate's nomination, it is recommended that the nominator include as much information as possible. Supplemental information such as recommendation letters, news articles, press releases and award notices that support the achievement and distinguished work is strongly recommended.
  • Some questions may seem repetitive, but they're crafted in a way that allows you to highlight the many different ways the nominee has made a difference in his/her field, in his/her community, and at CSUB. But if you think a nominee excels in just one of these areas to an extraordinary degree, feel free to focus your narrative on that one area.
  • You can find a list of previous inductees at Scroll all the way to the end.
  • Questions? Call the Office of Alumni Engagement at 661-654-3211.
  • Nominations are currently being taken for the Class of 2020 and are due Monday, Sept. 23, 2019.


Our past Alumni Hall of Fame inductees have been leaders in business, politics, healthcare, education and more. Learn more about them.