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Meet Our Sponsors: Tangram Interiors

A Tangram showroom

Tangram’s motto is “We make killer workspaces.”

And by killer it means workspaces that aren’t just functional, but destinations to which people want to go. Places where they will be comfortable, where they can be productive, and stay not just for a couple years but for a career.

Tangram does its work from six locations in Central and Southern California including Bakersfield, where it has 12 employees. It not only offers workplace furniture – Tangram is the local Steelcase dealership in town – but design services, A/V, light construction and client storage. It also contracts with local installers.

A Tangram cafe

A sample work café in Tangram’s Bakersfield showroom.

Check out Tangram’s showroom in northwest and you’ll see what that means. You’ll find a range of spaces including some where you can collaborate, or hide away to get some heads-down work done. The showroom features adjustable workspaces, depending on whether you want to sit or stand, spaces that provide power for all your devices, and spaces that allow you to relax and rejuvenate.

“We create spaces, for our clients and for ourselves, that promote employee wellbeing, productivity and long-term retention,” Tangram Regional Manager Alison Hickman said. “With modern technology, employees have so many options. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide environments that make people want to come to the workplace.”

Tangram, founded in 1963, has relationships with more than 700 furniture manufacturers, meaning it can accommodate just about any style and taste, whether it’s a corporate, education or healthcare environment. It also partners with several technology manufacturers, namely Microsoft, to meet any company’s technology needs.

A Tangram classroom

Tangram even outfits classrooms, like this one.

Among the Bakersfield clients Tangram has been working with lately are Chevron, Berry Petroleum, Kaiser Permanente, Sunnyside High School, Bakersfield Christian High School and Delano Regional Medical Center.

Tangram has been the Party in the Park’s glass sponsor for three years. This year that means contributing $2,500 to the cause.

“We feel it’s so important to be involved in the local community and support causes that directly impact that community, especially our youth,” Hickman said. “Party in the Park is a great fundraiser and we’re honored to be a sponsor again this year.”