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2019 Alumni Rising Runner: Neeraj Rama

Neeraj Rama

Neeraj Rama was chosen by the School of Business and Public Administration.

Since graduating from CSUB with his MBA, Neeraj has injected his curiosity and passion for understanding global markets in his everyday work.

He started his career conducting research in financial economics and capital markets for Morgan Stanley. After the organization was acquired by Smith Barney, Neeraj shifted his passion to the healthcare industry, eventually landing his current role as chief investment and strategy officer for Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center.

Throughout his career, Neeraj has developed a unique ability to explain complex scientific and capital market issues in a language that simplifies decision-making and outcome-understanding. Neeraj enjoys building models to help bring meaningful disruption for the purpose of driving industry forward and reaching for higher values in the pursuit of transforming society.

When not helping his clients, he spends time volunteering at the Kern County Science Foundation, Kern County Homeless Collaborative and the Kegley Institute of Ethics.



Each year, CSUB's four academic schools choose "Rising Runners," university graduates of the last 10 years already making a mark in their careers. The Alumni Association invites them back to campus during Homecoming week to be honored and to share words of wisdom with current students.

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