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2019 Alumni Rising Runner: Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson was chosen by the School of Arts and Humanities. Jackson has a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and anthropology from CSUB, where she was recognized for her strong research abilities as the selection for Outstanding Paper for the School of Arts and Humanities in 2011.

As an entrepreneur, Jackson started her own business, “We be Grubbin,’” and delivers fresh, clean, plant-based meals throughout Kern County. She credits CSUB with teaching her significant skills that have contributed to her professional success.

Sympathetic understanding has helped her create niche vegan soul food by tapping into people’s beliefs and motivations, habits and culture surrounding food. What she learned as a student researcher helped build a foundation for work she and partner Shanta would eventually use to start an aquaponic farm from the ground up.

Requiring several years of research and development, this eventually led to their recipe for success: food that is locally grown and sustainable yet satisfying, approachable and convenient. Her mission is to give back to the local community by providing healthy, tasty, affordable food for all – particularly members of marginalized communities.



Each year, CSUB's four academic schools choose "Rising Runners," university graduates of the last 10 years already making a mark in their careers. The Alumni Association invites them back to campus during Homecoming week to be honored and to share words of wisdom with current students.

The other three Rising Runners are:

School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering: Christopher Gutierrez

School of Business and Public Administration: Neeraj Rama

School of Social Sciences and Education: Rachel Tate