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Finding love at CSUB: Jarrett and Katie Fisher

Jarrett and Katie Fisher

Jarrett and Katie Fisher got married at the Bakersfield Country Club in November 2004. Many in their wedding party were fellow CSUB alumni.

As Valentine's Day approaches, we're sharing the stories of CSUB alumni who met and fell in love on campus. Today we tell the story of Jarrett and Katie Fisher, Bakersfield natives who now live in New Jersey.

Jarrett and Katie Fisher’s first meeting was, in a word, transactional.

It was the summer of 2001, and Jarrett was working in the student activities office. Katie picked up a Greek life interest card from him.

But there was a spark.

“I’d always remember this very good- looking guy in the office,” Katie said, looking back.

“Katie definitely was extremely memorable when she came in,” Jarrett chimed in. “I thought the same thing, ‘Who is this gorgeous lady walking into the office?’”

Over the next two years, each kept tabs on the other.

“Lo and behold, there’s Katie Cross,” Jarrett said to himself while leading a group of young ladies on a tour of sororities. Through the “Greek grapevine,” Katie tried to learn more about Jarrett.

Finally, a friend indicated to Katie that Jarrett was interested in her. It got back to Jarrett that Katie was open to it.

“I said I would never date any fraternity boys,” Katie said, chuckling. “The Greek community is small, if it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t want to ruin any friendships.

“But I made the exception for Jarrett.”

Jarett and Katie Fisher at Greek mixer

Katie and Jarrett Fisher when they first started dating at a CSUB Greek mixer in June 2003.

Their first date was dinner at Mama Tosca’s, the Italian restaurant near campus, and a movie. When Jarrett picked Katie up, dressed to the nines, he had a yellow rose for Katie’s mom and a red one for Katie.

“From that point on I knew, ‘Oh no, I’m in trouble,’” Katie remembered. “’This guy is smooth. This guy’s a keeper.’”

Kappa Alpha, Jarrett’s fraternity, had emphasized chivalry, Jarrett explained. No, he was quick to add, he hadn’t done the rose thing before.

In March 2004 they got engaged and eight months later were married at the Bakersfield Country Club.  Their rehearsal dinner was at Mama Tosca’s; their wedding party included many CSUB alums.

They lived in Bakersfield for two years then moved to the Los Angeles area. Jarrett worked for and pursued a doctorate at Pepperdine University; Katie at first worked in sales then decided to shift careers and obtained her master’s degree and teaching credential at Pepperdine.

The weekend of Katie’s graduation, family came from all over California to celebrate. Katie, always the consummate host, began feeling unwell and wanted to cut her participation in a family brunch short – which was unlike her.

Two days after graduation, Katie and Jarrett learned they were pregnant. Daughter Lindsay was born in February 2010; daughter Madison followed in January 2012.

Later in 2012, Jarrett applied for and accepted a job at Princeton University overseeing student activities, programs and events, and the growing family moved across the country.

Fisher family

A Fisher family portrait from last year.

Katie is “commander-in-chief of home,” Jarrett said, which now also includes son Andrew, who was born in September 2015. Katie serves with their church and works in their daughters’ classrooms.

“Katie has definitely been our link and the glue that’s helped us get connected to the local community,” Jarrett said proudly.

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