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Finding love at CSUB: Roc and Ashley Foster

Roc and Ashley Foster

Roc and Ashley Foster

My husband, Roc, and I met in stats class at CSUB.  It was the last quarter of his senior year and my sophomore year. 

As the professor was taking roll, she called out "Roc Foster" and I looked around to see who the heck was named Roc! Once I saw him, I knew he would be the class clown...and I was right!  

We never actually spoke during the class, until the very last day, when he asked my name.  Our paths didn't cross again until the following summer.  We are both from Tehachapi, and it being a small town, we were bound to run into each other at some point.

So, fate has it, he came into my workplace (a clothing store) and said, "Hey, aren't you that girl from my stats class?" He caught me off-guard, but I immediately remembered he was the loud guy named Roc. 

He asked for my number, and texted me that day. I didn't respond for months. Then he came back to the clothing store every week until I finally agreed to give him a chance. 

We were both volunteering with an organization and after one of the meetings, we ended up chatting until the restaurant closed.  We went on a couple dates, then made it official.  

Now here we are, seven years (and a few break-ups later), married! All because of stats class!

He is currently working with his accounting degree. I graduated in 2015 with my human bio degree and am currently in my last semester of the nursing program. 

Finding love at CSUB

As Valentine's Day approaches, we're sharing the stories of CSUB alumni who met and fell in love on campus. Today we tell the story of Roc and Ashley Foster, written by Ashley.