2013 Alumni Survey

The primary purpose of the 2013 CSUB Alumni Study was to provide decision makers with objective data which would enable them to make informed choices and decisions concerning fundraising and the future direction and growth of the CSUB Alumni Association. The goal of the online survey and the focus group sessions was to assess demographics, attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of CSUB alumni and to use the data to assist with future alumni activities and fundraising objectives and initiatives.

In an effort to establish an objective data set, data were collected through two primary sources. First, an online/e-mail methodology was utilized to administer a survey questionnaire. Second, three independent focus groups were completed with CSUB alumni.

To accomplish the alumni project, Price Research worked closely with the Office for University Advancement. Price Research was responsible for the survey questionnaire design, moderating the focus group sessions, and all data analysis and presentation. The Office of University Advancement was responsible for identifying the alumni e-mail addresses, administering the survey instrument (via Survey Monkey), recruiting the focus group participants, and providing all logistical assistance required to host the focus group sessions.

The e-mail questionnaire was sent to approximately 12,000 available CSUB Alumni e-mail addresses. Several follow-up e-mail participation reminders were sent to encourage maximum participation. From the 12,000 available e-mail addresses, 1,957 surveys were completed. This was a response rate of 16.3%. A response rate of 16.3% was higher than expected. An industry response rate for an alumni online/e-mail survey is approximately 10% - 12%. In addition, more than 200 of the participants indicated a desire/willingness to participate in follow-up focus group sessions.

Three distinct focus group sessions were conducted on September 30th, October 7th, and October 9th. A total of thirty-seven alumni participated in the focus group sessions. In each session, a few focus group members participated in the focus group via telephone from areas outside of Kern County.

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