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The California Promise

Steps for submitting a California Promise degree pledge:

  1. The student meets with their dedicated pledge advisor to see if they meet the qualifications for the program.
  2. If the student meets the qualifications for the program, the dedicated pledge advisor will initiate the 2 or 4 year pledge via AdobeSign.
  3. The pledge will be sent to the student, Department Chair, Associate School Dean, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the CA Promise coordinator for the required signatures.  
    *It is the student's responsibility to check their CSUB email account for the required signature
  4. The student is then added to the CA Promise student group in Peoplesoft.


Whether you are a first-year or an ADT transfer student, the California Promise Program will offer you the opportunity to complete all your degree requirements in four- or two-years, respectively.  That means students who start as freshmen at CSUB will pay for no more than four years of college, which can mean great savings for you and your family.  Similarly, if you are an ADT transfer student, then you will be able to realize these same savings by completing your degree in two years.  The program recognizes the importance of the California Promise to undergraduate students being able to earn their bachelor's degree in a timely fashion.  To enroll in this program, a student will need to sign a pledge of mutual commitment from the student to follow a list of practical guidelines while attending college, and from the University to ensure that required courses or acceptable alternatives are available.  

Dedicated Pledge Advisors

Arts & Humanities
Janine Cornelison
Phone: (661) 654-6151

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, & Engineering
Anayeli Gomez-Navarro
Phone: (661) 654-2839

Social Science & Education
Yvette Morones
Phone: (661) 654-6832

Business & Public Administration
Christina Hernandez
Phone: (661) 654-3404