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Early Enrollment

CSU Bakersfield’s Early Enrollment Program is designed to assist high schools in meeting the needs of gifted students and expand outreach programs to underrepresented groups.  Qualified high school students may enroll in one freshman-level course offered on the CSUB campus per semester. Early Enrollment is not available during summer session except special programs such as Enterprise College.  High school freshman and sophomores are not eligible for the program.


Grades earned through the Early Enrollment program are included in the student’s academic record. Credits earned may be applied to degree programs at CSUB or may be transferred to other universities.


The cost for the program is $36.00 per term; books, parking, and individual course fees are not included. 

Enrollment Process 

  1. Student identifies the course(s) in which they are interested and verifies that all prerequisites have been met. Planned courses can be found using the class search page.
  2. Student completes the CSUB Early Enrollment Application Form including a parent signature and authorization from the high school principal, guidance director, or counselor. High school counselor or guidance director attaches transcript and verifies eligibility and measles certification.
  3. Student must also complete the online Special Programs application (Part I). Student must select the Early Enrollment Program. The application is located via this link: 
  4. Student contacts the Academic Programs office at (661) 654-3420 or Deisy Mascarinas at to schedule an interview with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, via zoom.
  5. If approved for enrollment in the program, student obtains approval from instructor to enroll in selected course on the first day of classes. Note: Early Enrollment students do not receive priority registration. Please forward email approvals to
  6. Once the student is enrolled, the $36 non-refundable payment and class material fees (if required for the course) will show up on your mycsub account.  Payment can be made online or by mail to the Cashiers office.