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College Portrait

Picking the right college is a big decision. The first step is getting information to help you make the right choice. The College Portrait website is a trustworthy source of basic, comparable information from over 300 public colleges and universities presented in a common, user-friendly format. 

Each institution’s College Portrait has a variety of information including the characteristics of students and faculty, admissions requirements, popular majors, average class sizes, campus safety, the future plans of graduates, and much more. Every College Portrait provides cost of attendance and financial aid information and an interactive tool for users to more specifically estimate their own costs.

NOTE: The College Portraits have been phased out during the revamping of the VSA. Now a subscription program, the VSA is designed to support the data needs of higher education institutions and the use of national data to improve institutional outcomes. The VSA offers a broad set of products that provides institutions with visual analytics that inform decision-making and equips institutional leaders with the data they need to meet their strategic goals. To learn more about the VSA, please visit