Mission, Vision & Values


California State University, Bakersfield is a comprehensive public university committed to offering excellent undergraduate and graduate programs that advance the intellectual and personal development of its students. An emphasis on student learning is enhanced by a commitment to scholarship, diversity, service, global awareness and life-long learning. The University collaborates with partners in the community to increase the region's overall educational attainment, enhance its quality of life, and support its economic development.


CSU Bakersfield will be the leading campus in the CSU system in terms of faculty and academic excellence and diversity, quality of the student experience, and community engagement. Realization of our vision will be advanced by recruitment, development, and promotion of excellent and diverse staff within an organizational culture committed to excellence in all areas.

Core Values

In order to honor our purpose and commitment to achieving our vision of excellence in all areas, we are guided by a set of core values that shapes our work with students, with each other, and with the region we serve. These core values include the following commitments:

  • Developing the intellectual and personal potential of every student
  • Supporting the intellectual and professional development of all faculty and staff
  • Nurturing a civil and collegial campus environment that values the diversity of persons and ideas
  • Engaging one another with respect, trustworthiness, ethical behavior, and self-reflection
  • Promoting active and informed engagement of faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders in shared governance
  • Being accountable to the public, alumni, students, and one another for achieving the mission, vision, and goals of the university

Academic Strategy

The University will develop plans to increase the student enrollment to 18,000 students over the next 15 to 20 years. While continuing its commitment to the enrollment of community college transfers and non-traditional aged students, an increased emphasis will be placed on enrolling more first-time freshmen directly from high school, and more students from other California counties, other states, and other nations. We will review our existing academic programs and determine what new academic programs should be added to meet the changing student, community, and economic development needs of our region. New faculty will be recruited as the enrollment grows. New facilities and support infrastructure will be planned to accommodate the expansion of academic programs and student enrollment.

Strategic Goals

  1. Extend Faculty and Academic Excellence and Diversity
  2. Enhance the Quality of the Student Experience
  3. Strengthen Community Engagement
  4. Develop an Excellent and Diverse Staff
  5. Develop a Campus Culture With a Sense of Community and a Commitment to Organizational Excellence