A support and information network for adults returning to school


(661) 664-3366

 Did You Know...
  • More than 45% of the CSUB student population is over the age of 23

  • Academic success rates for adult students frequently surpass those of younger students

  • Reentry adults are some of our best students. Maturity has its advantages... increased reasoning powers, understanding, experience, vocabulary and motivation

  • Financial aid is often available. Reentry students are eligible for scholarships, loans, part-time jobs and grants to help them complete their education

 Who are Reentry Adults?
  • Adults who are beginning, or returning to, a university education

  • People who seek a career or lifestyle change

  • People whose college careers were interrupted by work, family or life transition

  • People who will be entering the labor market and need new or enhanced job skills

 CSUB's Reentry Program

Addressing the needs of adults returning to school after "stopping out," CSUB's reentry program is designed to make the transition back to an educational environment as easy as possible. Programs such as Orientation Coffees and Reentry Rap are held each quarter and provide returning students the opportunity to meet other adult students, discuss concerns and develop a campus support network. In addition to group programs, students are invited to make individual appointments with a counselor if their situation requires extra attention.

 If you have thought about going back to school, but worry about ...
  • Knowing where to begin, and

  • Admission requirements

Contact CSUB's Admissions Office at (661) 664-3036

 If you are concerned about…
  • Learning skills

  • Course content

  • Grades

  • Finances

  • Self-confidence

  • Family adjustments

  • Child care

  • Feeling older

  • Coping

  • Keeping Up

Call to meet with a Reentry Counselor, in the Counseling Center, at (661) 664-3366.
 Make a Reentry Appointment to…
  • Become familiar with support services relevant to your needs, e.g., financial aid, child care, services for students with disabilities, veterans programs.

  • Explore alternative methods for earning college credit through testing.

  • Begin individualized career planning sessions which may include assessment of interests and needs and discussion of available career options.

  • Schedule tutorial or skill building appointments to improve your study techniques.

  • Receive information about "Reentry Rep" classes and activities designed for adult students.

 Individual Consultation
Once enrolled, students may meet regularly with a counselor to deal with concerns interfering with academic success. These sessions can focus on career, academic or personal issues and are an excellent resource for resolving personal problems while developing strategies for success in college.
 Reentry Rap

Each quarter a series of seminars is offered to provide you with the opportunity to explore issues of relevance to reentry students. These topics include:

  • Hints for improving study skills

  • Matching knowledge of self with career directions

  • Building self-esteem and enhancing self-acceptance

  • Minimizing the stress in the many roles of adult students

  • An overview of the illusions and irrational ideas that negatively impact adult student success

"Rap" may be taken for one unit of credit (can be used to meet the Orientation requirement) or attended on a drop-in basis for general interest.


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