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Multi-Line Phone Diagram

Click for Interactive Phone

The phone sets consists of 12 buttons used for phone lines and features. The primary phone line is located on the upper left button and the second line is located beneath the primary line. If additional lines are required, they will take the place of the Autodial buttons. Below is a brief description of the most common features.
Button Function
TRANSFER [TRSFR] Sends existing call to another number or conferences three parties.
  From a conversation-
  Press [TRSFR],
  Dial the phone number
  Announce the transfer
  Hang Up.

  From a conversation
  Press [TRSFR]
  Dial the phone number
  Hang Up.

  3-Way Conference:
  From a conversation
  Press [TRSFR]
  Dial the phone number
  Announce the conference
  Press [TRSFR]
HOLD [HOLD] To Place a call on hold:  Press [HOLD]

Retrieve a call from hold:   Press the line button

REDIAL To redial the last off campus number dialed:  Press [#] [9]
CALL PICKUP Allows a call to another phone to be answered at your phone.
The phone number must be part of the call pickup group.
To answer:  Dial [#] [7]
CALL FORWARD [CALL FRWD] Call forward redirects incoming calls to another extension.

To activate call forward:
  Press:  [CALL FRWD]
  Dial a 4-digit extension (To forward calls to voicemail, dial 3300)
  Call forward light illuminated, Displays FORWARD

To cancel call forward:
  Press [CALL FRWD]

CONFERENCE [CONF] Allows a total of 7 parties to be conferenced together

From a conversation, press [CONF]
Dial the number to be added,
Announce the conference, and
Press [CONF]
Repeat the process for each additional party.

CANCEL [CANCL] The cancel button cancels the transfer or conference feature.
Use this button if a call is busy, not answered misdialed or refused.
You are immediately returned to the original party.
VOICEMAIL [VM] The light by the voicemail button will be fluttering when a
message is in your mailbox.  Press the voicemail button.
Enter your password when requested.
ABBREVIATED DIAL Ten speed dial numbers can be programmed into your phone set.
These numbers are unique to each phone set.

To program:
  Press [#] [4] [*]
  Enter the single digit code, you will hear a progress tone
  Enter the number to be dialed, you will hear a confirmation tone.

To use Abbreviated Dial:

  Press [#] [4]
  Enter the single digit code, your call will be placed immediately.

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