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This page contains the most frequently asked questions regarding the new CSUB Website transition.

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What is the WCMS?

The Web Content Management System (WCMS) is the acronym used by CSUB to refer to the Cascade Server product from Hannon Hill.

What will happen to faculty pages?

Only department websites will be affected during this initial rollout.  Moreover, of those department websites, only critical sites were migrated over.  Faculty sites (sites with a tilde "~" in them) will not be in the WCMS at this time.  Their sites and URLs will remain the same.

Where is the faculty staff directory?

The old faculty staff directory has been replaced with the Directory Lookup.  Currently, there are no plans on bringing back the old directory.

Where did the old FORMS page go?

Forms that were under Business Administrative Service's website can now be found under the Campus Forms page.

How do I fix error code 404?

Error code 404 means that the page cannot be found. 

If you are a user and are getting this, please notify the department of a broken link on their website.

If you're a web liaison for the site, look at the URL you are trying to load.  If it contains "wcms_tests" anywhere in the URL, then you are using an older version of the files and assets on the system. To fix this, simply republish your entire site.  You can do this by hovering your mouse over your [Base Folder] and clicking on the triangle on the right.  Choose [Publish] and submit the your site to the publishing queue.  Once it's done publishing, refresh your referring page to ensure that the URL no longer contains "wcms_tests" in the URL. 

If it does, then you may be using absolute addressing.  Edit the referring page and ensure that you don't have that address typed in any of the link fields.

Where is FirstClass?

FirstClass is no longer used as the campus' email client.  As of December 7th, 2015, CSUB is using Office 365 for its email, calendaring, online collaboration, and more.  Click on the link below to log into Office 365

To find out more, go to: Office 365

I don't like the new site layout. I can't find anything.

The new website was designed with the user in mind and yes, it is different from the old site in both form and organization. A helpful tool to use while familiarizing yourself with all the new features is the search bar at the top of each page. Type in a key word or search phrase and press "Enter." You will find several options for pages that most closely match your search. We are confident that as you spend time on the site you will grow to find it user friendly and easy to navigate for both on and off campus users.