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Student Activities

Some of the best learning in college happens outside the classroom

Students talking on patioIt's true. Classroom learning is great, but students frequently tell us that some of their greatest insights, some of their life-changing decisions happened far from the traditional classroom setting-- in a research lab, a club meeting, an impromtu discussion on the lawn, or at a scientific convention. Getting involved in school-related extracurricular activities and immersing yourself in the "psychology student culture" at CSUB is a great way to enhance both your learning and your overall college experience. 

It is easy at a commuter campus like CSUB to attend your classes, then leave immediately after for home or work. You can earn a degree this way, but you'll miss much of what your once-in-a-lifetime college experience has to offer. This is a time to experience, savor, and grow. 

And if you are planning to attend graduate school, you should know that graduate schools also value students who have these out-of-class experiences on their resumes.

Here are a few suggestions for getting more involved:

- Join the Psychology Club or Psi Chi or both (see the links on the left)

- Become a research assistant on a research team (see the link on the left)

- Attend a Psychology research conference

- Become a teaching assistant

- Form a study group with other Psychology majors

- Eat lunch on campus with other students

The University is a busy, sometimes stressful place. Students who get involved and support each other experience less stress and find college more rewarding. So get involved today!

The Psychology Club bulletin board in Dorothy Donahoe Hall