Politics Research Center

California State University Bakersfield

Mission Statement: The Politics Research Center's objectives include research and consulting that enhance student training and faculty teaching and professional competence.  Its research focuses on matters in which power relations, institutions and decision-making processes, and discretion and choice in policy-making are important variables. Such research may be controversial and arouse concern among many persons, groups, and interests.  The Center's purposes are non-partisan, however, and its goals are to assist all segments of both U.S. and foreign societies through its research into government policies and public support for policies.

Center Faculty:

Stanley E. Clark, Professor and Center Director
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C. Kaye Bragg, Associate Professor and Department Chair
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Mark A. Martinez, Associate Professor
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Charles McCall, Professor Emeritus
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Kent Price, Lecturer
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Michael Ault, Assistant Professor
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Long Le, Assistant Professor
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Advisory Board:
Sheryl Chapula, Girls Scouts of America, Joshua Tree Council
Jane Ferguson, Time Warner Co.
Craig Oliver, Simplot Soilbuilders
Jesse L. Snyder, Agency for International Development (retired)
Louis Vega, Kern County Municipal Court Commissioner

Ex Officio:
C Randal Bye, Manager, CSB Foundation
Janice Chavez, Director, Graduate Studies and Research
Marla Iyasere, Dean, School of Humanities & Social  Sciences

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