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Standardized Patient Program

What is the standardized patient program?

The standardized patent program here at CSUB facilitates simulated patient/provider clinical scenarios to give our nurse practitioner students practice communicating, diagnosing, and working with simulated patients. We select individuals for training and prepare them to portray real medical cases in a life like simulation with our nurse practitioner students.

What do standardized patients do?

Standardized patients are carefully recruited and trained to take on the characteristics of a real patient thereby affording our nurse practioner students the opportunity to learn and be evaluated on learned skills in a simulated environement. No experience is necessary to become a standardized patient. Standardized patients will be required to give feed back after clinical interactions. 

How do I become a standardized patient?

We are constantly looking for new individuals to joing our program. To become a standardized patient please email our standardized patient coordinator. The coordinator will reach out to you about our current opportunities. 


Standardized Patient Coordinator

Jan Mateo Tugab