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Due to the temporary suspension of in-person contact at CSUB, there are no planned TEAS test dates scheduled for the Fall 2020 semetser and until further notice. 

Prospective applicants may register for the ATI TEAS exam through ATI Testing Website. Students may filter the search by location/testing site. 

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What is the TEAS?

It is a multiple-choice exam that covers the following material:

  • Reading – paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions ( 40 items, 50 minutes)
  • Math – whole numbers, metric conversions, fractions, decimals, algebraic equations, percentages, and ration/proportion (45 items, 56 minutes)
  • Science – science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, basic physical principles, and general science ( 30 items, 38 minutes)
  • English – and language usage—punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words, and spelling (55 items, 65 minutes)

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How can I prepare for the TEAS?

The TEAS Online Practice Assessment and the TEAS Study Manual are available for purchase through ATI. Visit for details.


How will the TEAS be used as admission criterion?

CSUB Nursing requires the ATI TEAS (VI).  No other versions of TEAS will be accepted.  Students applying to CSUB’s traditional nursing program must have TEAS adjusted individual total score of 72% or better.  

Can I take the TEAS more than once?

The number of repeats for the TEAS is limited to the first 2 attempts. 60 days from test date to test date must pass between the first and second attempt. The highest score will be used.

How do I register and pay for the TEAS?

To register for the TEAS Test, please click on this link.

Once your form is filled out, you may mail or walk in your registration form to the Department of Nursing with a $25.00 cashier's check, money order, or cash. 

Mail to: 

Department of Nursing
Attn: TEAS Registration
9001 Stockdale Hwy, 29RNC
Bakersfield, CA 93311

No personal checks will be accepted.  

The remaining $58.00 must be paid via credit card (or debit with a Visa/MasterCard logo), on the day of the exam. There are no exceptions. 

For other testing sites outside of CSUB, you may visit

How long will it take for me to get my TEAS scores?

Students testing at CSUB will receive their scores immediately after the examination.

How do I submit my scores?

Please upload your unofficial scores directly to your NursingCAS application. At any time, if deemed appropriate, the Department of Nursing may require you to submit official TEAS scores from ATI. Please do not submit scores below 72%.

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