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Become a Spanish Educator in the State of California!

The Spanish Program currently offers a Subject Matter Program that has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and that meets the Subject Matter Competency Requirement for a Single Subject Credential. Students wishing to complete the requirements for the California Single Subject Credential in Spanish should consult with an appropriate Spanish faculty advisor.

All of the following courses or equivalent courses are required (9 courses, 27 units):


  • Intermediate Spanish Grammar*
  • SPAN 3000: Advanced Spanish Grammar (3)


  • SPAN 3100: Spanish Literature I (3)
  • SPAN 3110: Spanish Literature II (3)
  • SPAN 3120: Hispanic American Literature (3)


  • SPAN 3220 Advanced Spanish Syntax (3) or SPAN 3230 Spanish of US Southwest (3)


  • SPAN 3320 Mexican/Mex American Cultures (3) or SPAN 3330 U.S. Latino Folklore (3) or SPAN 3310 Latin American Civilization (3) 

Senior Seminar 

  • SPAN 4908 Senior Seminar/Capstone (3) 


  • Plus two (2) upper division courses taught in Spanish

*If you have scored a 5 or above on a Spanish AP exam, then you are eligible to begin at the 3000 level; you will receive credit for intermediate Spanish


Become an Educator

Requirements: Single Subject Credential in Spanish

1. Complete the B.A. in Spanish - All of the courses to left need to be completed 

2. Complete the Single Subject Credentials Program

3. Fulfill the Basic Skills Requirement 

4. Prepare for the CBEST