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Program Overview


A BRIEF OVERVIEW: CSUB has offered special honors classes for its very best students since the fall of 1980.  What began as a two-year general education Honors Program was expanded to a four-year program in 1998 when Mrs. Helen Hawk Windes, a local philanthropist, donated one million dollars in support of its activities.  Approximately 300 students are currently enrolled in the Hawk Honors Program, which provides classes with CSUB’s finest faculty members, registration priority, scholarships, enjoyable social events, a special honors lounge, and other unique educational opportunities available only to members of this distinctive program.  Unlike honors courses traditionally offered at the high school level, the honors classes at CSUB are not graded more severely than their non-honors counterparts.  These courses do, however, provide a chance for our top students to interact with other extremely bright, high-achieving undergraduates from throughout our service region in classes that are exciting, stimulating, and intellectually challenging.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: In order to be admitted directly from high school, students must fulfill one of the following criteria:  (1) an SAT score of 1180 or above (on critical reading and math only), (2) an ACT score of 26 or above, or (3) a high school GPA of 3.80 or above (with at least an 1120 on the SAT or a 24 on the ACT).  Transfer students or CSUB continuing students may be eligible to the program at the sophomore or junior level if they have earned at least a 3.50 GPA.  Eligible students will be required to complete an application to the program, consisting of short answer questions.

COURSE PATTERNS: During the freshman and sophomore years of the program, students are encouraged to take at least one honors course per semester. These courses are intended to fulfill the university’s general education requirements.

In their last two years (and this applies to all transfer students as well), students will take two upper-division general education honors classes offered through the program.  The courses need to be outside of the area of your major discipline.  So for example, if your major is Engineering, you will need to take an upper-division honors course in Arts and Humanities and in Social/Behavioral Sciences. In addition, students will must complete the Honors Individual Project (HIP) with a professor in their major discipline.  The HIP may also be satisfied through international study or an internship.

GRADUATION AWARDS: Students who complete all four years of the program will receive special recognition in the graduation program and on their transcripts, plus a beautiful gold and silver honors medal. Students who complete the two year program will receive a blue and gold cord.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Students desiring additional information about the program should contact the Hawk Honors Program office, located in EDUC 211, at (661) 654-3461 or  You may also contact the Director of the program, Dr. Jackie Kegley, at (661) 654-2249 or


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The Helen Louise Hawk Honors Program

California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022

Dr. Jacquelyn Kegley
Phone: 661-654-2249

Hawk Honors Program Office
EDUC 211
Henna Singh
Phone: 661-654-3461