Program Director

Dr. Jacquelyn Kegley

Professor of Philosophy

Director of The Helen Louise Hawk Honors Program

Office: Faculty Towers 103D
Phone: 661-654-2249
Fax: 661-665-6904

Areas of Specialization

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Ethics and Technology
  • American Philosophy

Jacquelyn Ann Kegley, a CSUB Professor of Philosophy and Interim Director of the University Honors Program has received many teaching awards, including CSUB Outstanding Professor (1987), Outstanding Professor for the entire CSU University System (1988), recipient of the $20,000 CSU Wang Family Excellence Award for Undergraduate Teaching (2000), the CSUB Faculty Leadership and Service Award (1997) and the Herbert W. Schneider award for making “career-long outstanding contributions to American philosophy.(2006) She has published twelve books and over seventy articles in the fields such as philosophy of science and technology, bioethics, ethics, social and political philosophy and American philosophy. She serve two years as President of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 2000-2002); has served as Chair of the CSU Academic Senate and serves again as Chair of the CSUB Academic Senate. She also served five years as Faculty Athletics Representative. Most important, Dr. Kegley genuinely loves teaching and working with students. Just last year she made a major donation to the university to establish the Jackie A. Kegley Student Success Center. She is available to help with any academic or personal problems CSUB honors students may encounter while at the university.

Professional Degrees

  • BA.; English & History, Allegheny College
  • MA; Philosophy, Rice University
  • Ph.D.; Philosophy of Science, Columbia University


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Josiah Royce in Focus, Indiana University Press, 2009.
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Genuine Individuals and Genuine Communities: A Roycean Public Philosophy, Vanderbilt University Press, 1997.
Paul Tillich on Creativity, University Press of America, 1989.
Reasoning with Analogy: The King Returns, CAI Software Package for Critical Thinking, McGraw Hill, 1984.
Introduction to Logic, with Charles W. Kegley, UPA, 1982.
The Humanistic Delivery of Services to Families in a Changing and Technological Age, 1982.
A New Challenge to the Educational Dream: The Handicapped, Author and Editor, 1980.
The Doctrine of Interpretation: Building Community out of Conflict, Author and Editor, 1978.
Introduction to Logic, with Charles W. Kegley, Charles E. Merrill, 1978.
Instructors’ Manual, Introduction to Logic, with Charles W. Kegley, 1978.

Selected Articles

“Can We Answer the Many Contemporary Challenges to our Notion of the ‘Human Self,” Southwest Philosophy Journal, Vol. 29, Number 1, January 2013, 233-240.
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  • Phil 101: Contemporary Moral Problems
  • Phil 102: Critical Thinking
  • Phil 308: American Philosophical Heritage
  • Phil 342: Philosophy of Religion
  • Phil 352: Philosophy of Science
  • Phil 382: Philosophy of Race



  • Chair, CSU, Academic Senate 2000-2003
  • Senator, CSU Academic Senate 1998-2009
  • Chair, CSUB Academic Senate

The CSU honors Dr. Kegley

The CSU recently honored Dr. Kegley with a Student Success Profile on its own homepage.  Check out Dr. Kegley's amazing commitment to student success!

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