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B.A. In Criminal Justice - Degree Requirements

Criminal Justice Color Brochure 2016-2018

CSUB Catalog 2016-2018

I. Prerequisites To The Major (9 units)

CRJU 1108 Intro to Criminal Justice
MATH 1209 Elementary Statistics or PSYC 2018 Introduction to Statistical Methods
SOC 1008 Intro to Sociology or PSYC 1018 Explorations in Psychology

II. Major Requirements (30 units)

A. Basic Core Courses (15 units)

CRJU 2100 Quantitative Analysis in Criminal Justice
CRJU 2150 Research Methods
CRJU 3110 Advanced Criminal Law
CRJU 3170 Theoretical Perspectives in Criminal Justice
CRJU 4908 Senior Seminar

B. Criminal Justice Systems and Area Courses (15 units) Take all five courses:

CRJU 2210 Issues, Values and Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 3250 Advanced Topics in Policing
CRJU 3260 Advanced Topics in Courts
CRJU 3270 Advanced Topics in Corrections
CRJU 3280 Advanced Topics in Juvenile Justice

III. Theme & Elective Courses (15 units):

A. Multiculturalism and Diversity in Criminal Justice (select one)

CRJU 3318 Women and the Criminal Justice System
CRJU 3320 Race, Ethnicity, and the Criminal Justice System
CRJU 4300 Comparative Criminal Justice
CRJU 4340 Terrorism

B. Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice (select one)

CRJU 3448 Drugs and Crime
CRJU 3450 White Collar Crime
CRJU 3460 Cybercrime
CRJU 4400 Crime Mapping

C. Forensics and Field Exploration (select one)

CRJU 2500 Criminal Investigation
CRJU 2890 Experiential Prior Learning
CRJU 3500 Profiling Violence
CRJU 4500 Correctional Counseling

D. Criminal Justice Electives (select two)
(Including six lower division courses from California Community College transfer AA-AJ 122, 124, 140, 160, 200, 220)

CRJU 2600 Crime and the Media
CRJU 3608 Gangs in America
CRJU 3660 Diversity and Global Learning in Criminal Justice
CRJU 4600 Criminal Justice Policymaking
CRJU 4638 Victims and the Criminal Justice System
CRJU 4770 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 4800 Directed Research in Criminal Justice
CRJU 4850 Individual Study
CRJU 4860 Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJU 4870 Cooperative Education
CRJU 4890 Experiential Prior Learning

Minor, Concentration, and Special Minor*

The Minor in Criminal Justice requires four courses,
including CRJU 1108, or an approved equivalent,
and three upper division Criminal Justice courses, as
approved by the Department Chair of Criminal Justice.

In addition to meeting the requirements for the
major, the student must satisfactorily complete one
of the three university required options listed below:

1. A special minor consisting of at least 12
semester units, 9 of which must be upper
division, approved by the student’s advisor,
taken outside the major discipline.

2. A minor consisting of at least 12 semester units
within a minor program designed and approved
by another discipline.

3. An interdisciplinary concentration or minor in
one of the specially developed areas such as
Black Studies, Chicano Studies, Asian Studies,
Latin American Studies, or Women’s Studies.

Students may elect to declare a Double Major in lieu of the Minor Requirement.

*Minor is now optional under NEW CSUB Catalog 2016-2018 (Effective Fall 2016)

Department of Criminal Justice

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Phone:  (661) 654-2433
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Requirements for the Minor in Criminal Justice

Four courses, for a total of 12 semester units, including CRJU 1108 Introduction to CJ or an approved equivalent, and three upper division Criminal Justice courses, as approved by the Department of Criminal Justice.