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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the California State University, Bakersfield is to provide a challenging and supportive environment for students to learn chemical principles and laboratory skills, enhance their critical thinking and communication skills, and become responsible in their use of scientific knowledge.

Towards this end, the department is committed to excellence in teaching while maintaining certification of its program by the American Chemical Society. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide a rigorous basic education in chemical theory and practice at levels appropriate to students that are preparing to be:

  • chemical professionals;
  • professionals in sciences requiring chemistry;
  • health care professionals;
  • primary and secondary school science teachers;
  • knowledgeable in chemistry as part of their General Education curriculum.

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has the success of its students as its highest priority, emphasizing student learning of chemistry through direct interaction with faculty in integrated lecture and laboratory courses to prepare its students for graduate schools, professional schools and employment.

The department is dedicated to research and scholarly activities as essential and integral parts of the educational process. Faculty-student interactions provide meaningful research experiences for undergraduate students in both basic and applied research.

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry also strives to provide service to the University community, the chemical profession, and the greater society.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022 

Phone: (661) 654-3027
Fax: (661) 654-2040
Office: Science II 273