General Information

Workers' Compensation is a mandatory coverage that is provided to all eligible employees in California. It is designed to provide employees with immediate medical attention and other benefits when they are injured or become ill at work.  More information is available in the CSUB Workers' Compensation / Industrial Disability Leave Summary guide.

Who is Covered?

Workers' Compensation benefits are afforded to employees of the University whose injury or illness arises out of their employment and occurs during the course and scope of their employment with the University.  Contractors, vendors and their employees are not employees of the University and would seek benefits from their employers should they become injured.


Workers' Compensation provides the following benefits:


Medical treatment reasonably required to cure or relieve the injured employee from the effects of a work related injury/illness.

Temporary Disability

The weekly benefit paid to partially compensate for the loss of earnings. Paid at the rate of 2/3 of weekly earnings subject to a statutory minimum and maximum. There is a three day waiting period, unless the employee is hospitalized overnight.

Permanent Disability

If an industrial injury results in a permanent disability that causes a significant handicap in performing work, the injured worker is entitled to a permanent disability rating.

Employee Disability Management Services

Job skills assessment, placement and retraining for employees who are not able to return to their job because of injury or manage TRTW (Transitional Return to Work) program and assist employees in returning to work post injury/illness.  Employees may be eligible for Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits or a Return to Work Supplement per the Labor Code.


A benefits schedule paid to dependents of an employee who loses their life as a result of a work-incurred injury or illness.

Return to Work

If an employee is returned to work with restrictions identified by the treating physician, CSUB will review those work restrictions and determine if accommodations can be made.  Please note that CSUB has a return to work program and makes reasonable efforts to accommodate work restrictions.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the Workers' Compensation program, please contact:

Tracey Garza 

Workers' Compensation Manager

5150 North Maple Mail Stop JA41
Fresno, CA 93740

phone:  (559) 278-2125
fax:        (559) 278-6995