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How do I make a payment?

Payments may be made online by electronic check (no fee) or credit card though your MyCSUB using MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover cards with a 2.75% convenience fee. You may pay by cash, check, money order or cashier's check in person at either the main campus cashier windows or Antelope Valley campus cashier windows. Checks may be mailed to the following address;

CSUB Cashier Office 35 ADM

California State University, Bakersfield

9001 Stockdale Hwy

Bakersfield, Ca 93311-1099

Please make sure you student ID number is included on any form of payment to ensure it is applied to the proper account.

How do I get a Parking Permit?

Parking Permits may be purchased online or in person each term, beginning one to two weeks before the start of the term. Please be aware all parking permits will be mailed to the address on your MyCSUB regardless if they're purchased online or in person. NO PARKING PERMITS WILL BE HANDED OUT AT THE CASHIER'S WINDOW.

What is the fastest (safest) way to get my fee refund or Financial Aid Refund?

It is recommended that you enroll in direct deposit to have any refund deposited into the bank account of your choice. Direct deposit refunds are processed at least weekly, with credit to your bank account within two business days. You can enroll in direct deposit by simply logging into your MyCSUB and clicking on "Enroll in Direct Deposit" under the "Finance" section.

If you have not enrolled in Direct Deposit, a check will be printed and mailed to the mailing address on your student account. Refund checks will be processed every other week.

How do I enroll in Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit sign up is fast and easy. You can enroll in direct deposit by simply logging into your MyCSUB and clicking on "Enroll in Direct Deposit" under the "Finance" section and entering your checking/savings account information.

To find out more, go to: MyCSUB

Why do I have a finance hold on my account?

A Student Financial Services hold is placed due to an unpaid, past due balance. This hold will prevent registration, schedule adjustments and the use of certain university services pending satisfaction of the outstanding balance. Two auto-processes run daily to clear and place holds. The first auto-process runs from 12pm to 1pm and will clear any holds on accounts which have cleared their outstanding balance after 10pm the prior day but before 12pm the current day. The second process runs overnight and will clear any holds on accounts which have cleared their outstanding balance after 12pm and prior to 10pm that same day.

Why do I pay Student Union, ASI, Campus Programming, and Health Center Fees when I don't use those particular services?

The Student Union Fee, Associated Student Body Fee, Health Facility Fee, Health Service Fee, IRA Fee, runner Card fee and Campus Programming Fee are all mandatory fees paid by all attending students.

I registered for classes but I never attended. Why do I have to pay?

The Fee Refund Policy explains all courses must be dropped prior to the first date of the term to receive a full reversal of fees. If courses are dropped on the first day or any day thereafter up to the 60% point of the term, the student is responsible for a percentage of the tuition and fees for each day they're enrolled. If a student is enrolled in a class but is not attending, that is a seat another student is unable to occupy until the other student officially drops.

Why don’t my parents receive the billing invoice at home and why can’t they receive any information about it over the phone?

Since the billing invoices are in the student’s name, the student bears responsibility for payment. For this reason, the billing invoices are sent to the student’s e-mail address or address listed on their MyCSUB depending on the age of the balance.  Per the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy act of 1974 (FERPA), the University is prohibited from providing student specific information without their consent.  Consent can be granted by completion of the FERPA Release Authorization option available through the student's MyCSUB account.

When are tuition and mandatory fees due?

Tuition and fees are always due the Thursday before the term starts.