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WebTMA Tutorial

Instructions for Filling Out a Work Request

On every page of this site, you'll see a picture of a hammer.  This hammer is the link to the WebTMA work order system. 

You may use virtually any browser, although if you see a more or less blank screen on logging in, minimize that screen to see the work request input form.  If you continue to see a whole lot of nothing, please turn off your pop-up blocker.

BELOW IS A SLIGHTLY SQUASHED AND FUZZY PICTURE OF THE WORK REQUEST FORM, NOT THE ACTUAL FORM.  After you've learned to fill one of these out, you'll still need to "hit the hammer" to access the WebTMA system.

sample work request

Purple arrows:  Type your name in the “Requestor Name” field, your phone number or extension in the "phone #" field, and your complete email address including in the "email" field.  In the “Action Requested” field, please give us a description of what we can do for you.  If the work will be charged back to your department (see the chart below), tell us the complete account string in this field.  The "Request Type Desc" field in the upper right should have automatically populated with Service Request.  USE TAB or MOUSE CLICK TO GET FROM FIELD TO FIELD. DO NOT PRESS ENTER. 

Green arrows:  For the "Department Name" field, type in the first few letters of your department -- when you find the correct one, click it. You may also use the arrow button or the "..." to fine tune your selection.  Typing in the first few letters will give the search a head start.

What repair center do I choose, and will I be charged back for this service?

Well, if you are a non-state entity, an auxiliary, or a self-support department, you'll be charged back for pretty much everything.  If you're stateside, the following chart applies.

Who to Choose for What…

(proper Repair Center)

I Won’t Be Charged for… (Regular Maintenance)

I Will Be Charged for… (Chargeback Work)

Asset Management

See Property Management

See Property Management


  • Clean up spills
  • Supplies in restrooms and kitchens
  • Light tube replacements
  • Weekly trash removal
  • Event cleaning or support

Facilities Operations

Maintenance by TRADES:

  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Broken toilet or sink
  • Broken locks, doorknobs, keys
  • Broken doors
  • Paint over graffiti
  • Interior office sign repair
  • Additions, changes, or modifications to your office space
  • New equipment installation
  • Electronic access control not functioning
  • Bulletin/white board removal or installation
  • Hanging pictures
  • Furniture repair

Engineering & Energy Management

  • Heating and air conditioning repairs
  • Heating and air conditioning for events

Roads & Grounds

  • Pest control (ants, mice, etc.)
  • Irrigation/sprinkler issues
  • Broken limbs, etc.
  • Event support

Facilities Support Services

  • Document destruction pickup
  • Office and furniture moves
  • Event setup

Vehicle Operations

  • All Vehicle repairs

Gray arrow:  If you are requesting charge-back work, you can add your account string information here OR in the "Action Requested" field.  Please add your full account string in the following order:


This is the order used in the billing process.  If you have questions about whether work requested will be charged back, please give us a call at x3028 for clarification.

Pink arrow:  The "Repair Location ID" field is to tell us where the work needs to be done, which might not be in the room where you're working.  In that field, type in the first few letters of the abbreviation of your building (like ADM or MUS) to give the search a head start, then scroll through the rooms in that building 'til you find the one you're looking for. The wonderful thing is that once you find your room, the fields "Location ID," "Facility Name," "Building Name," and "Area" will all auto-fill like magic. If your request is for more than one room, choose one for the "Repair Location ID" field and tell us about the rest in the "Action Requested" field.

You're almost done, but don't look for a "Submit" button!

To submit this work request to us, press “SAVE” which can be found along the blue bar near the top of the form just under the CSUB logo.

Once your Service Request has been submitted (or SAVED) your screen will show your Service Request number in red at the top on the left.  Write this number down for reference.  The system will send you an email with this same request number within a few minutes.

Submit a Work Request

Work Request Button

Click the picture to be taken to our Work Order System.