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Did You Know...
The Academic Advancement Center at California State University, Bakersfield is designed to provide an array of academic support services for students. Currently, the Center offers free services to EOP students and to other students for a nominal fee. Click here to find out more about the EOP Program
 Who are we?
  • Keith Powell, Director
  • Priscilla Long, EOP Academic Advisor
  • Monica Grimes-Horsey, Secretary
  • Steve Walsh , Tutor Coordinator/Learning Skills Specialist
 Tutoring Services
The Academic Advancement Center provides tutoring services free of charge to EOP students. Currently, the Center offers tutoring for most lower and upper division general education courses, the cognates for business majors, the pre-requisites for nursing, and many of the lower division mathematics courses. Drop-in tutoring is available for math and English courses. Our tutors also hold study groups before exams, and students are encouraged to use the center for holding their own group study sessions.

Coordinated by Steve Walsh , the AAC tutors are recommended to the Center by the CSUB faculty. CSUB faculty also refer students to the center who can benefit from tutoring, determined by their success in classwork.

  Academic Advising
The AAC staff members advise all levels of CSUB students, specializing in incoming EOP freshmen and EOP transfer students, and advisors are assigned by grade level. Students in specialized majors, such as Liberal Studies, Music, Business, Nursing, or Child Development are encouraged to see both their faculty advisor and their AAC advisor. EOP students are required to turn in copies of their schedules to their AAC advisor at the beginning of every quarter, either in the office or at the EOP check-in tables during the first week of classes.
 Peer Counseling
The AAC Peers provide academic advising, peer counseling (personal counseling needs are referred immediately to the Counseling Center ), academic probation consultations, tutoring, financial aid and housing concerns, and extra-curricular activities. Cultural activities are also an important component of the Center, and the AAC seeks to provide retention-related services to the student body. Also a club on campus, the AAC Peers is open to all students who are currently enrolled at CSUB.
 Summer Bridge Program
In conjunction with the EOP Program, the Office of University Outreach, and the Transfer Center, the AAC runs a four-week summer program which gives historically disadvantaged, financially needy, and underrepresented students a head start in University work. Click here for more information about Summer Bridge .
 Academic Support Courses
The academic support courses, offered each quarter, are designed to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their skills and learn techniques, strategies, and good habits that can be incorporated into their daily college life. These courses are GST 157: Advancing Academic Confidence, GST 136: Critical Thinking, GST 176: BMOC Peer Mentoring, and GST 140: Educating Women on Campus. For more information about some of these courses, contact the Center.

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