SPANISH 103-Winter 2009


Reading 1: Cinco de mayo.

Exercises to turn in Wednesday 25th: p. 409 (E, paso 1), p. 410 (H, paso 1), p. 422 (I).


--This is a HYBRID COURSE, we will not have classes on Fridays. That is the day for you to do your homework and online activities.

--We will not have class the first day, Wednesday 7 (and, because this is a hybrid course, no class that Friday 9 either). Please, have your book or copies of it on Monday 12 (textbook is available at the library, you can check it out and make copies of lessons 12-18. The workbook is online, at the Library website, Course Reserves section).

        a) You will have to read the sections "Vistazos Culturales" at the end of chapters 13 to 18 and prepare the questions related to them ("¿Qué recuerdas?"). Do not forget to include the number of chapter and page for each of them. You have to send them to me by email (
        b) You will also have a reading about California with questions related to it.