Dr. Teresa Fernández-Ulloa
Lower Division Courses Coordinator
DDH B110

You can challenge Spanish 102, 202, 103, 201 and 202. If you want to take the exam, first, you will have to get a form outside my office (check inside the box "challenge examinations"), fill it in and take it to the Department Chair, Dr. Reyna, to get it signed. Before that, you should  have talked to the instructor that is teaching the course (or taught it the previous quarter, in case that we are not offering in that moment) and see if you can challenge it, when, and the materials you need to know. Then, go to the Accounting Office and pay a $2.00 fee.  You will have to bring a copy of that the day of the exam. We will keep that copy and the exam. You will see if you passed or not checking your information in the University website or calling our secretary (654-2359).