Mathematics Department CSU CSUB Stiern Library Raczkowski 

Real Analysis

  • Course Objectives: Introduction to Analysis is designed to bridge the gap between the calculus courses student just completed and the more sophisticated analysis courses offered to graduate students of pure and applied mathematics. It also has great value to students who wish to go beyond the routine manipulations of formulas to solve standard problems. Upon successful completion of the course students

    • Develop a rigorous foundation for analysis.
    • Understand basic concepts in continuity, differentiability, integration and convergence of sequences and series.
    • Become familiar with open and closed sets.

    During the course the ability to read and write proofs is stressed. The precise knowledge of definitions is essential. 

    Text: Introduction to Real Analysis, by Robert G. Bartle and Donald S. Sherbert, fourth edition. ISBN 978-0-471-43331-6



Course Materials: All course materials will be posted on Blackboard.