Current Projects:

·         2009 – 2010 RCU Grant (CSUB)

o    $4,100 to For a survey of undocumented workers in the NY metropolitan region for the purpose of investigating the endured costs of migration.

·         2007 – 2008 RCU Grant (CSUB)

o    $3,278 to conduct a survey of and research on the educational attainment of children of undocumented immigrants. Along with Dr. Savvina Chowdhury.

Selected Publications:

·         Hegde, S.A. 2008 Hedging and Contracting: Risk Management in the Broiler Industry. Saarbrücken:  VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

·         Hegde, S.A. 2007. “Agricultural Subsidies and Their Impact on Trade under WTO Paradigm” in Food Politics at Home and Abroad, S. Clark (Editor), Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

·         Zhong, Y and S.A. Hegde. 2008. “Applying Game Theory to Library Management in Context of Information Society: Review and PreviewLibrary Philosophy and Practice, Aug 2008.

·         Gupta, R. and S. A. Hegde. 2009. “An Exploratory Study of Financial Remittances among Non-Resident Indians in the U. S.”, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Forthcoming June 2009.

·         Hegde, S.A. 2008. “Proposed Tax Policies of President-Elect Obama”, Kern Economic Journal, Third Quarter 2008, pp 12-13.

Working Papers:

·         “Modeling Salvation at the Crossroads of Philosophy and Economics” with M. Paleologou

o    Abstract: Using an economic model and theories from philosophy, man’s role in attaining salvation is examined.

·         "Mexican Migration Decision: The Bakersfield Case Study" with B. Sengupta

o    Abstract: Using primary data from a survey conducted in Bakersfield, CA, the costs of being an undocumented migrant worker are addressed. The survey instrument and methodology were also designed.

·         “Children of Immigrants: Brain Drain in the US” with S. Chowdhury,

o    Abstract: This study will attempt to investigate the ‘lost income’ to society as a result of undocumented migrants who graduate from college and become a part of the informal employment sector. We will measure the magnitude of this deadweight loss using a survey.

·         Arecanut Farming in Southern India” with J. Deal.

o    Abstract: A case study of a typical arecanut orchard in Southern India. The analysis also considers risk management and sustainable practices engaged by arecanut farmers.

·         "Economic History of the Failure of Broiler Futures"

o    Abstract: Reasons behind the repeated failure of broiler futures markets are explored. An econometric model is used to explore the characteristics of these failed markets.

·         "Risk Sharing in Broiler Contracts: A Welfare Comparison of Payment Mechanisms"

o    Abstract: Broiler contracts that contain the market price in grower payment mechanisms are compared to contracts without a market price clause. The welfare analysis is conducted in a mean - variance framework.

·         "Hedging on a Broiler Farm"

o    Using actual production data, the benefits of hedging, as an alternative risk management strategy for broiler growers, are explored.