Cell Phones and Pagers. Now for my pet peeve.  Active cell phones and pagers will not be tolerated during class!  They are distracting to me and the other students when they ring in the middle of a lecture.


Week 1 Introduction to Cultural Resource Management and Federal Law
  (King:  Chapters 1, 2, 3)

Week 2 NEPA, NHPA, and Section 106 (King, Chapters 4 and 5).

Week 3 Section 106 and the New Regulations

Week 4 MOAs, PAs, and other Nasty Stuff (King, Chapter 5).

Week 5 NAGPRA and ARPA (King, Chapter 6).
Midterm on October 14.

Week 6
Cultural Resource Impact Assessments (King, Chapter 7)
Memorandum of Agreement Exercise due October 21.

Week 7
Cultural Resource Management Plans (King, Chapter 8).

Week 8
Recordation, Inventories, and Non-Invasive Testing.
Programmatic Agreement Exercise due November 4.

Week 9
The California Environmental Quality Act and Historic Preservation
Class project due November 16.