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R. Brandon Pratt

Associate Professor of Biology

Department of Biology

California State University, Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA 93311 USA

Email rpratt at csub dot edu                                                                     

Phone 661-654-2033  





My students and I study topics in plant physiological ecology in an effort to understand how plants are adapted to the environment.  A lot of this work is aimed at understanding adaptations and responses to drought in southern California shrublands.  For the latest results of these studies see the publications link on the left side of this page.

Students that are interested in conducting research in my lab, both undergraduate and graduate students, are encouraged to contact me about research opportunities. 

New high resolution computer tomography (HRCT) system in the Pratt lab at CSUB. The system is on the left, an image of scanned vascular tissue of grapevine with color coded vessel diameters, and the 0.5 meter grapevine on the far left being loaded for scanning.

New HRCT being installedHRCT image of plant xylemGrapevine plant being scanned



MS Students

Aaron Baumgardner: MS student studying drought.

Aaron at the top of Sunday Peak, Kern County

Mitchell Coleman: MS student studying California central valley saltbush seedling recruitment.

Mitchell Coleman in saltbush shrubland


Marta Percolla is studying stem xylem structure and function of California chaparral shrubs.


Undergraduate Students



Former Lab Personnel

Emily vanRyn: Planning to attend garduate school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Michael Clem: Finishing his degree in biology and planning on attending graduate school.

Hayden Toschi: Laboratory technician supervisor.

Martin Venturas: Post-Doc in John Sperry's lab.

Shana Carey: Environmental science professional.

Evan MacKinnon: Working as a water resources manager.

Samuel DelRio: Planning to attend graduate school.

Christine Hluza: A graduate student at Northern Arizona University

Michael Tobin: Assistant Professor of Biology at University of Houston Downtown.

Courtney Traugh: Working on a PhD in biochemistry at Purdue University.

Heather Keldgord: Planning on pursuing a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology.

Alanisha Woods: Pursuing a pharmacy degree in Kansas.

Eddy Lee: Working towards his B.S. in Biology.

Raeanne Quaresma: Studying exercise physiology.

Anna Jacobsen: Assistant Professor of Biology at CSUB

Christine Whitelock: Pursuing an M.S. in insect genetics.

Mark DeGuzman: Mark is pursuing a Ph.D. at UC Riverside with Lou Santiago.

Sergio Barrera: Finishing his B.S. in Biology.

Diana Alleman: Working for environmental consulting agency.

Cuu Nguyen: Attending pharmacy school.

Francisco Millan: Finishing his B.S. in Biology.

Haley O'Mara: Pursuing a M.S. in science education.

Aaron Ramirez: A post-doctoral scholar.

Udai Sibia:  Udai is currently pursuing a degree in neurobiology at UCLA.

Christopher Doggett: Finishing his B.S. in Biology and working at Bolthouse Farms.

Wendy Bennett: Pursuing interests in animal husbandry.








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