English 319 (70)and (75): The Structure of English

Suggested Schedule of Classes for Online Students spring 2013

Below I have not listed the exercises because a complete ordered list of them is in "Order of Course Content." Use the suggested schedule below in conjunction with the "Order of Course Content."

April 02,

Introduction to the class.
Introduction to the structure of English.

April 04,

Introduction to phonology: Articulatory phonetics.

April 09,

Articulatory phonetics.
The sounds of English.

April 11,

Transcribing in English.

April 15,

Examination on English phonetics.

April 16,

The phonology of English.

April 18,


April 23,

English spelling patterns.

April 24,

Examination on phonology and spelling patterns.

April 25,

Introduction to morphology.

April 30,

Introduction to morphology(cont.).
Derivational and inflectional morphemes.
The deletion of inflectional morphemes.

May 01,

Examination on General Morphology.

May 02,

Form classes.

May 07,

Form classes.

May 09,

Structure classes.

May 14,

Structure classes.

May 15,

Examination on word classes.

May 16,

Introduction to syntax: Phrases and constituents.

May 21,

Phrases and constituents (cont.).
The functions of noun phrases.
The functions of prepositional phases.

May 23,

The verb phrase and the verb group.
Main verbs and their complements.

May 27,


May 29,

Examination on phrases and sentence patterns.

May 30,

Finite subordinate clauses.

June 04,

Finite subordinate clauses.

June 06,
Testing for grammatical functions.

June 10,

Examination on subordinate clauses and grammatical functions.

June 12,

Final examination/posttest.
Sections (70) and (75): 4:00-8:00.