English 310: Advanced Writing

Welcome to M. Woodman's section of English 310, Advanced Writing.
English 310 is meant to help students improve their critical reading,
thinking, and writing skills.  It is my responsibility as an instructor
to assist students in becoming more sophisticated writers, but it is also my aim
to help students explore the world in which they live and
to guide students in their process of, as Carl Jung calls it, individuation.

Advanced Writing Blog

Using Sources with A.P.A.

Essay #1: Lyric Analysis


Archetypes ppt

Reading Is Hard
Tricksters ppt

Eliade: Archetypes and Repetition ppt

Eliade: The Regeneration of Time ppt

Guide to Transitions


Journals: These journals may prove useful to you as sources for your documented essays, or you may just explore them out of your own interest.

The Journal of Religion and Film

The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

The Journal of Popular Culture - Journal Information

The Journal of American Culture

Golem: A Journal of Religion and Monsters

Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture

The Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture

Picturing Justice: The On-Line Journal of Law and Popular Culture

Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

Archetypes: Like the journals, these webpages may prove relevant to you as you research your various topics for this class.

The Jung Page: Reflections on Psychology, Culture, and Life

A Gallery of Archetypes

Archetypal Place Theory


Engineering and Theater

"Green Man" article on Health

NPR: In Character

The Archetypal Road

The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

The Sexy Puritan Archetype

Why Humans Are so Quick to Take Offense

The Myth of Lost Innocence

Death's Head Becomes You: How did skulls go from scary to chic?

The Star, the Born-Again Sinner, and the Gangster

Gilligan's Dreams

The Coach as Culture Hero

The Shape of My Heart: Where did the ubiquitous Valentine's symbol come from?



Viktor Frankl: Man's Search for Meaning

Carl Jung: Death

What You Resist Persists



Article on The Fountain

Review of The Fountain

Sunshine Blog page