Marit MacArthur,

Associate Professor of English

California State University Bakersfield

For the 2015-16 academic year, Dr. MacArthur has an ACLS Digital Innovations Fellowship. She will be working with collaborators at the University of California, Davis, and the Illinois Informatics Institute, on this research project: "Poetry Performance and Pitch Tracking: Tools for Sound Studies." See ACLS Research Fellowship.

Marit MacArthur
Marit MacArthur
Office: 203D Faculty Towers
Office phone: 654-6503


B.A. in English and creative writing, Northwestern University, 1996
Ph.D. in English, University of California, Davis, 2005
M.F.A. in Poetry, Warren Wilson College, 2013

Areas of expertise & interest:
Modern and contemporary American and English-language poetry and fiction; poetics; translation; Polish poetry
Selected Publications

"Introducing simple open-source tools for performative speech analysis: Gentle and Drift." Jacket2. June 6, 2016.

"Monotony, the Churches of Poetry Reading, and Sound Studies." PMLA. 131.1 (Jan. 2016): 38-63.

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Selected Reviews

“A Polish Poet You Should Know.” Rev. of Peregrinary by EugeniuszTkaczszyn-Dycki, trans. Bill Johnston. Dec. 21, 2010. Contemporary Poetry Review.
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“Chronicle” and “Open Sea” (translations of two poems by Wojciech Bonowicz). Poetry International, 2011.

"Calypso," "Anna German," "I sit like Buddha, I have a Buddha belly," "[vacation]," "Warmed up yet?," "For Mice," "Calm Seas," "Pensum," "Five Short Treatises," " [in this kitchen]," "[about the smell]" (translations of eleven poems by Adam Wiedemann). Forthcoming in Verse, 2011.

"Visions from a Different Bay" and "Deep Memory" (translations of two poems by Kacper Bartczak). World Literature Today, January 2008.

"Here Come the Partisans," "The Soft Underbelly," "A Hard Day's Night," "Leaving the City," and "Generation Relay" (translations of five poems by Jerzy Jarniewicz). The American Poetry Review, November/December 2007.
Courses Regularly Taught

ENGL 205: Introduction to the Study of American Literature
ENGL 381: Major American Authors, 1865 - 1900
ENGL 382: Major American Authors, 1900 -The Present
ENGL 383: American Literature Survey I, to 1865
ENGL 384: American Literature Survey II, 1865 - The Present
ENGL 386: Literature of the West
ENGL 404: Creative Writing
ENGL 476: Poetry
ENGL 584: Modern American Literature
ENGL 585: Contemporary American Literature

Hiking Trip Photo

Dr. MacArthur with students from ENGL 386: Literature of the West, at Wind Wolves Preserve southwest of Bakersfield