~ ~ ~ History 308 (Fall 2013) ~ ~ ~

Term Paper Assignment

Instructor: Mark Baker (mbaker2@csub.edu)

DUE DATE: 20 November 2013

Paper must be submitted to www.turnitin.com.

(The class ID is 7008617 and the password is Harriet.)

Length: 7-8 typed pages (double-spaced; Times 12 point)

The Main Idea: The idea for the term paper is relatively simple. Find an article in History Today, available and searchable on-line via EbscoHost, and use this article to read up on a topic of interest to you concerning nineteenth-century European history. Then, come up with your own topic and one good historical question. You cannot ask the same question posed in the History Today article, but you are free to explore any aspect of the specific topic.

Consultation with the instructor is essential at an early state in your research.

Crucial: your paper must pose and answer a question and have a thesis.

Important: You must use at least FIVE other academic/scholarly sources as well as the History Today article that you have selected (no web site sources, no encyclopedias, no textbooks).

You must provide a title page with the title, your name, the date, and the name of the course. This does not count as one of the 7-8 pages.

You should use the Chicago Manual of Style for footnotes. The manual is always available in Stiern Library in the Reference Area on Level One (call number is Z253 U69 1993). Include a bibliography, following the Chicago Manual of Style. You can also use the section called “CM-Style” in Lynn G. Troyka’s Simon & Schuster Quick Access Reference for Writers (sometimes called simply: Quick Access; call no. PE1408 .T6964 2001).

Or click here to view the basic guide for using Chicago Manual of Style citations. Your paper's citiations must be in the format described under "Notes and Bibliography."

NB: Late papers will be marked down one third of a grade per day, including weekends and holidays.

Grading of the Paper:

In grading your papers, I will employ the following criteria and questions:

  • Does the paper address the assignment?
  • Does the paper ask a good historical question?
  • Does the paper have an introduction, a thesis backed up by evidence, and a conclusion?
  • Do you answer the question that you posed?
  • Is the thesis argued persuasively?
  • Is the writing clear in terms of grammar, writing, punctuation, syntax, and citation?

*PAPER PROPOSAL: In order to ensure that you are on track with this important assignment, I am requiring all students to let me know in writing (email or on paper) by 21 October 2013 which article and topic you have selected, what is your historical question, and to provide a preliminary bibliography.

**Furthermore, I am requiring each student to meet with me concerning their term paper proposal, at the latest by 28 October 2013.