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Social Sciences Teacher Preparation Program


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Associate Professor Alicia Rodriquez
Social Science Coordinator (History)

If you want to teach History and Social Science at the secondary level, you must demonstrate subject matter competency either by completing an approved teacher preparation program in Social Science or by passing the CSET examination in Social Science.

Social Science Teacher Preparation Program: The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has authorized CSUB to offer an approved teacher preparation program in Social Science. Students complete the requirements as they earn a degree in a discipline of their choice. Taken alone, the Social Science Teacher Preparation Program is neither a degree program nor a major. Typically, students choose to major in History, Economics, or Political Science, but majors from other disciplines are welcome.

Because you will be working toward a degree in the discipline of your choice and completing requirements for the Social Science program, it is important that you seek the advice of an advisor in Social Science as soon as possible. Careful planning is especially needed at the upper division level since some courses are offered only once a year.

Update: Please note that the new subject matter program in Social Science has been approved. Students in the current program will have until July 1, 2009 to complete the existing program. New students and those who cannot complete the existing program by July will follow the requirements in the new program. Fortunately, the programs are quite similar and this should not prove to be a hardship for students. Please see the new social science program requirements, the Social Science Program Worksheet, and the degree outline. Click here to view the Social Science Brochure.

These handouts and a year-long tentative schedule of course offerings are available from your advisor or the Office of the Coordinator, Faculty Towers 301-E. Advisors in the disciplines most commonly chosen are:

Economics: Don Oswald, 654-2465
Political Science: Gitika Commuri, 654-6080
History: Alicia Rodriquez, 654-2166

Telephone: 661-654-3079 Fax: 661-654-6906
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