Another update: June 10, 2005



I received the tickets in the mail yesterday -- they're regular printed tickets not e-ticktes. I think most of you are OK with me carrying the tickets to the airport but if you're not and would like to co-ordinate a time when you can pick them up, let me know. Attached to the tickets is the complete itinerary but if you would like a copy of the hotel phone numbers and fax numbers, please let me know.


Visa Information

Also, a small change in plans. Originally, to purchase our visas, we were going to pay $55 each at the airport in Hanoi. It turns out they were able to get them earlier than expected and I received them in the mail yesterday with the tickets. Martin needed payment for the Visas to pay the people in Vietnam, so I wrote him a check covering the entire amount for everyone in the group. That means instead of giving the $55 to the people in Hanoi you can give it to me at LAX. Again, cash only please(!) because I won't have an opportunity to deposit a check it in my bank. If this is going to be a problem, please let me know asap.


Transportation to Airport

As for the ride to the airport, the following five people need rides: Aaron, Karen, Kresse, Deisy, and Me. Please let me know immediately if there's been a change. A couple of you offerred suggestions and here's the best option at this point. I checked Expedia and Travelocity and rented a mini-van from National Car Rental for $75.00, which works out to $15.00 per person (half of the price for a one-way ticket on the bus). I reserved the van under my name and I'll pick it up Sunday evening. Thanks to those who were willing to drive us but I think this is the easiest and most efficient way to get to the airport.


So, the five people needing a ride to the airport will meet at 7:00am on Monday morning at CSUB in Parking Lot J  -- the small one that is due west of the Business Development Center.  Please be early or on time.


Passport Photo

Don't forget, each of us needs to bring at least one passport size photo. You can have them taken at Wallgreens or Henley's Photo (downtown -- across from The Fox Theatre).


Electrical Plugs

On another note, since a couple of you have asked, the electricity outlets in Vietnam are 220V and the plugs are A, C and/or G. Cambodia is 230V and the plugs are A, C, and sometimes G. Click here for more information with pictures of the different type of plugs:  By the way, I just bought a converter kit at Target for $19.00 -- I think it will cover everything.


Last minute items and suggestions: Earplugs are useful for long plane and bus rides.


If you have any questions or problems, please drop me a line immediately. I will be checking my email regularly throughtout the next few days.