April 7, 2003

Project for Peace: A Community Art Production of Protest Through Creation

When: April 8th-April 18th (main event April 18th)
Where:California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA
Quad area directly east of Faculty Towers

Bakersfield – The Quad at CSUB will be transformed over the next ten days into a huge, spiral-shaped art display to protest the current war with Iraq.  The community of Bakersfield is invited to contribute their very own artistic creations to the exhibit as a material symbol of peace.  Organized in a large spiral design (similar to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty 1970), Project for Peace draws from the symbolism of the spiral as a symbol of creation, movement, fluidity and progressive development. 

Project for Peace
is being organized by Jaime Hyatt, a student at CSUB, as a way to confront the empty rhetoric of traditional anti-war demonstrations.  According to Hyatt, “The opposite of war is not peace alone – it is creation.”  Project for Peace fills the conceptual void left by traditional forms of protest by providing a space in which the community can authentically express their opposition to U.S. aggression abroad. 

Project for Peace
will run for ten days, beginning Tuesday, April 8th. On Friday, April 18th, at 4pm the exhibit will conclude with a community gathering that will feature five local bands.  The community is welcome to participate in an afternoon of dialog and creative resistance to the policies of the Bush Administration.

Project for Peace
is sponsored by the Kegley Institute for Ethics, California Faculty Association (CSUB), CSUB Campus Greens, CSUB Political Science Club, and the CSUB Philosophy Club.

Jaime Hyatt

[Spanish-speaking participants will be available for comment]