Marianne Abramson, Ph.D.

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M.A. in Psychology Program

Office: DDH H106,
Phone: 661-654-2075

Welcome to my website! My hope is that it will give you some idea of who I am and what I do all day long at CSUB (and beyond). Take a look, and if something looks interesting, feel free to contact me.

I study cognitive processing including language, memory, and other thought processes. Currently, I am looking at questions like:

  • How do we respond, behaviorally and emotionally, to both natural and computerized speech like those used in automobile and jet guidance systems?
  • Are speech and reading that different from each other, psychologically speaking?
  • What role does auditory imagery play in reading?
  • How does stress affect students’ abilities to understand their own academic skills and knowledge?

My specific training is in language processing and memory. To our students we are known as psycholinguists, but we call ourselves Wordnerds.

"I personally think we developed
language because of our deep
need to complain."-- Jane Wagner
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