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So now that you know what I do for a living, maybe you'd like to know a little about me... Now the fun stuff!

Reading | Music | Hiking | Fishing | Genealogy

Reading: historical fiction, biographies.

Some Favorite Books:

The Killer Angels,
David Copperfield,
Daughter of Fortune

Some Favorite Authors:

Charles Dickens,
Isabel Allende,
Dorothy Dunnett

Music: used to play guitar, now I just listen...

Some Favorites:

Little Feat,
Dave Matthews Band,
Matchbox Twenty,
Dixie Chicks,
anything by Mozart, Debussy, etc.,
and a little band from Atlanta called M80 (family connection).

Pretty eclectic...

Hiking: Anybody know some good places I could actually take a 6-year-old?

Fishing: Trout (See above)

Genealogy: Some of my ancestors below --

Michael Fenstermaker

AMAZING but true! My great, great grandfather, Michael Fenstermaker. What a serious looking chap!

Chisholm/Patterson The Chisholm/Patterson family reunion (1920's).

The Patterson family Thanksgiving (1907).


The Patterson family on the farm (PA, 1890's).

Scottish Town

The Scottish hometown of great-great-great Grandpa Anthony Patterson (Sorbie, Wigtownshire). He left Scotland for Pennsylvania in the 1820's.


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