PSYCHOLOGY  280: Seminar in Psychological Research
(crn= 81319; 1-UNIT, Offered as Cr/No Cr Only)
Fall 2010,  Online Blackboard--Contact Professor for Access

Luis Vega --Department of Psychology
Office:  DDH 111D     Phone:  654-3024
Office hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 9:25-10:55 a.m. & By Appointment
E-mail address:        Homepage:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Presentations of faculty/student research in the Department of Psychology and related areas.  Questions will be encouraged from students in an informal atmosphere.  Prior knowledge of the material is not necessary, but an understanding of research methodology would be useful. May be repeated for different course content.  Offered on a credit, no-credit basis only. [Note: In fall quarter 2010 this seminar will focus on quantitative psychology preparation.  The seminar will cover statistical preparation and introduction to methodological tools, which should increase students' understanding of psychological research]

COURSE EVALUATION  GRADING CRITERIA: This is a credit/no credit course.  The format of the course will be online and through self-paced modules that can be accessed through Blackboard ( Course material will be tailored to assist students with introduction to research methodology in psychology. The material will provide an excellent introduction and in some cases a review to those students who will be taking (or are taking) research methods. Each of the 10 modules will be 20 points--one per week. In addition, there will be a cummulative test worth 50 points. To earn credit in this course, it is necessary to earn 72 percent of the points (180 points) or more of 250 points. Note, credit/no credit courses do not affect grade point average, but the units can be counted toward graduation if credit is earned. This 1-unit psychology course can count as 1-unit in the elective courses for psychology.

9/13/10Variables & Quantification
9/20/10Conceptual Designs for Coding Data    
9/27/10Research Plans.
10/4/10Approaches to Data Analyses
10/11/10Tools and Technology for Data Analyses
10/18/10 Conceptual Statistics
10/25/10Numerical Statistics
11/1/10Results and Interpretation
11/8/10 Warranted/Unwarranted Conclusions
11/15/10 Research Presentations 
Cummulative Test Due

NOTE: The above schedule and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.