SCI 3009

California Natural History

Spring 2018

Instructor:       L.M. Moe, Science I, Room 312,  e-mail
Times:            MW 2:30 - 3:45pm, TBA
Textbook:       Schoenherr, A. A. 1992. A Natural History of California. UC Press ISBN: 0-520-06922-6

Course description: Plants, animals, ecology and biogeography of California with emphasis on fostering an appreciation of California's amazing biodiversity. Three hours lecture. Not acceptable for major or minor. Prerequisites: Junior status and successful completion of General Education Areas A2 and B. GE QL, Area B.

Although tentative, here is a  SCI 3009_s18 Moe  syllabus (pdf format)

Important Dates

M 1/29  Map #1 due

M 2/5    Map #2 due

M 2/12 Map #3 due

W  3/5   Midterm I CHANGED

W  4/11   Midterm II

W 4/18  Park Paper due

W 5/16 Final Exam 5:00 - 7:30pm

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