BIO 505

Current Topics in Biology: Comparative Genomics

Current topics of special interest to graduate students in Biology. Topics and content will vary as announced but will include contemporary or interdisciplinary areas of interest. Repeatable. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor. The focus of BIO 505 for the Winter of 2008 will be comparative genomics.



Genomics is the study of an organism's entire genome or complete set of genetic information encoded in that organisms DNA. This includes both genes and non-coding sequences. Comparative genomics is the study of relationships between the genomes of different species or strains. The goal of comparative genomics is to understand the function and evolutionary processes that act on genomes. Upon completion of this course, students will possess a thorough understanding of genomic sequencing techniques, public DNA databases, sequence analysis tools, genome evolution and function/evolution of regulatory sequences.


 Winter 2008 Syllabus 


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