BIO201: Introductory Biology-Cells


Course Description: Cell structure and function with emphasis on molecular aspects. Three hours lecture and six hours laboratory. Prerequisites: ENGL 110. Lab fee required. NOTE: Students are encouraged to take BIOL 100 before BIOL 201 if they lack a firm background in biology because a grade of C- or better in BIOL 201 is required to advance into upper division Biology courses.

Course Goals:

In this course we will examine many different areas of cellular biology. Upon completion of this course, you are expected to be able to:

Define and discuss the chemistry essential to cellular organization and function including, atomic structure, chemical bonding and molecular organization.

Define the main categories of macromolecules found within cells, and explain the significance of each to cellular function.

Identify and describe membrane and organelle structure and function.

Describe essential cellular physiological processes including, bioenergetics, enzyme kinetics, cell division, respiration and photosynthesis.

Describe all aspects of genetics including, the fundamentals of transmission of traits, DNA replication, transcription and translation.


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Syllabus for Spring 2013


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