BIOL100: Perspectives in Biology


Course Description:

Perspectives in Biology is a lower division, general biology course that focuses on the issues of modern biology. Emphasis is given to biological concepts with specific relevance to society. Successful completion of BIOL 100 fulfills Goal IV (Area B2/B3) of the University’s general education requirements.


Course Goals:

Upon completion of lecture, reading assignments, and/or laboratory students will be able to:


Use the scientific method to answer appropriate questions and recognize when the scientific method is, and is not, appropriate.

Use the proper scientific writing style to present hypotheses, data, results, and discussions of scientific evidence. In addition, students will know how to present scientific results using an organized and professional format.

Describe the nature of living systems from cells to organisms and populations.

Describe how traits are transmitted via genetic information from one generation to the next,

Describe the importance of cell-level processes to important aspects of living organisms such as feeding, locomotion and reproduction.

Describe how natural selection shapes which traits are passed from one generation to the next, and how this causes the traits of populations to change over time.

Identify basic similarities and differences between plants and animals in the structures of their cells, tissues and energetic processes.

Analyze interactions between organisms and their environment, identify the important things organisms must obtain from their environment, and explain how they do so.

Analyze the traits of an organism to determine how the traits they possess help them to survive and reproduce in different environments.



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Syllabus for Spring 2011


Graphing instructions for graphing 95% CI in Excel 2007 (Courtesy of Dr. Kloock!)