The Lopez Research Group

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Department of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Areas of Specialization

Our group focuses on two main areas of research:  the structural and functional characterization of lysyl oxidase and the development of selective inhibitors of lysyl oxidase that can be used to target the enzyme in breast cancer cells.

Driven by our objective to characterize enzymes, our group has developed an overexpression system whereby proteins can be overexpressed in large quantities in a short amount of time. Characterization employs spectroscopic techniques which include: fluorescence, uv-vis absorption, and collaborative efforts in mass spectroscopy, EPR, and crystallography.

If you are interested in working on any of our projects, please contact the principal investigator.

I will be accepting one research student into the laboratory at the end of the current semester.  If you are interested, please see Dr. Lopez for an application.

Research in the Lopez research laboratory is currently supported by generous funding from: