California State University Bakersfield,  Jennifer VanGilder


Education Doctor of Philosophy in economics, May 2000

Master of Arts
in Economics, January 1996
State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, May 1994

Bachelor of Science
in Mathematics, May 1994
Minor:  Accounting, Summa Cum Laude
Bethany College, Bethany, WV

Dissertation Title:  "Faculty Mobility Intentious:  Implications of Environment and Institutional
Components  on Turnover in Higher Education"

  Dr. Solomon Polachek, chair, Dr. Stanley Masters, Dr. Thomas Cowing
Ph. D. Fields Labor, Industrial Organization, Public Regulation, Poverty, Education
Teaching Experience Assistant Professor - Department of Economics, California State University Bakersfield, Fall 2000-present
Essentials of Microeconomics, Microeconomic Theory, Gender and Diversity in the Workplace, and Poverty and Discrimination

Instructor - Department of Economics, Binghamton University, Fall 1996-2000
Economics of Poverty and Discrimination, Principles of Microeconomics, Microeconomic Theory

Instructor - School of Education and Human Development, Binghamton University, 1994-1996

Teaching Assistant - Department of Economics, Binghamton University, 1994-1995
Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics

Work Experience Post Doctorate - Harpur College Deans Office, Binghamton University, Fall 1999-Spring 2000
Engage in collaborative labor economic research, act as associate editor of Research in Lab Economics, and co-teach upper level labor economics undergraduate course.
Publications "Atrophy Rates in Male and Female occupations" (with John Robst), Economic Letters, October 2000, v.69, n3, pp. 407-417.

"Earnings Differentials in Bakersfield:  How do we fare?"  Kern Economic Journal, v2 n4, 2000.  reprinted as "Educated Male Hispanics Fare Well in Bakersfield"  Bakersfield Business Journal, February 26 - March 12, 2001, 10 issue 4, pp. 5.

"Perceptions of Female Faculty Treatment in Higher Education:  Which Institutions Treat Women Moe Fairly?"  (with John Robst and Solomon Polachek) on review with Economics of Education Review.

"Gender Differences in Reasons for Job Mobility Intentions in Higher Education" (with John Robst) on review with Research in Labor Economics.

Work in Progress Research and teaching Institutions:  How do Perceptions of Female Faculty Differ?
submitting to Sociology of Education Spring 2001.
University Service Humanities and Social Science Curriculum Committee Fall 2000-present
  Liberal Studies Committee Winter 2001-present
  Social Science Assessment Committee Winter 2001-present
Department Service Student Retention and Recruitment Fall 2000-present
  Liberal Studies Committee Fall 2000-present
  Alumni Association and Newsletter Fall 2000-present
  Library Liason Fall 2000-present
Grants Faculty Diversity Program 2000-2001 ($1400.00)

January 2001 Web Development Grant Program
(50 student hours to develop WebCT materials for Econ 201)

January 2001 Web Development Grant Program (20 student hours to expand web page)

January 2001 Teaching Grant Program ($200.00 to attent Central CA Conference on Assessing Student Outcomes)
Awards Certificate in College Teaching, Binghamton University 1999-2000
  NSF/AIR Fellowship Award Winner, Binghamton University Summer 1999
  Dissertation Year Fellowship, Binghamton University Spring 1999
  Excellence in Teaching Award, Binghamton University 1998-1999
  Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Binghamton University 1994-1998
  Oreon E. Scott Award For Distinction in Scholarship, Bethany College 1993-1994
  Forrest H. Kirkpatrick Award in Economics, Bethany College 1993-1994
  Economics and Business Senior Fellow, Bethany College 1993-1994
Academic Offices President Economics Graduate Student Organization, Binghamton University 1997-1998

Treasurer Economics Graduate Student Organization, Binghamton University 1996-1997

Economics Department Graduate Committee, Binghamton University 1996-1997

Teaching Assistant Mentor, Binghamton University 1997
Professional Affiliations American Economics Association

Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession

Association for Institutional Research

Eastern Economic Association